What is this TV show really about? 

This TV show is about going home again. But more importantly it’s how you can struggle to relate to your family in your twenties. I know when I go home, I don’t eat certain things I used to eat when I was growing up, or I don’t realize one of my family members is going through a rough time. It’s hard, especially when you move away from home and your new life isn’t as interconnected like it was when you were younger. I hope this pilot relates to other people in that way. I hope people identify and see parts of themselves in Stella. 
— Sidney Butler, writer

Director's Statement

Stella with the World on her Shoulders is the personal but all-too-relatable story of returning home and discovering what—and who—has changed since you left. I immediately identified with Stella, from being the only person of color in the workplace to forgetting to return Mom’s calls, and drew from my own experiences to bring Sidney’s vision to life with an authentic touch of humor and naturalism.
— Christopher Cole, director


Stella Stills


Stella Poster

Created by Mollie Charlotte Suss

Stella (full length) title sequence

Original Song by Lillie Rebecca McDonough


Stella Fun Facts

  1. Originally, the pilot was set in Houston, TX but once it was chosen to go into production at NYU, we changed the location to Connecticut.

  2. Stella's house is actually the home of the other Advanced TV Showrunner. After we were having a tough time securing a location, she graciously offered us her home. 

  3. We began filming in November and finished filming December 2016 after shooting three non-consecutive weekends. 

  4. We shot the interior mansion birthday party scene at the Assistant Director's apartment on the Upper East Side, while the exterior was Burr Homestead in Fairfield, CT